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WestJet Sale, Up to 80%, Today Only

westjet deal 500x117 WestJet Sale, Up to 80%, Today Only

A little too late, but just a short post to let you know WestJet has one of their better seat sales going on today. Book until 12:00 AM tonight and get cheap tickets depending on the city you’re living in. Sample prices: Calgary – Halifax: $690 / 2 people / round-trip (taxes included). Calgary – Victoria: $340 / 2 people / round-trip.

Use this WestJet coupon code: WJCIS10 for a small discount off the price without taxes.

Seat sale @ WestJet.

P.S. Did you know that in Europe you’re not allowed to post  any airline ticket prices without taxes, not even on websites? Read more.

Dell Deals for the Weekend

dell deals 500x117 Dell Deals for the Weekend

Dell is getting crazy, posting discounts all over the place. They started a Twitter page for Canada, at least another 20 others for different countries – including a Dell Outlet Twitter page, a Facebook page and so on. This weeks deals are:

  • Inspiron Mini 9 @ $349 – a pretty good deal considering you get a tiny netbook with 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB Solid State Disk (light, no moving parts) and Windows XP home
  • A sale on XPS systems – powerful desktops starting at $999

Exclusive coupons from DELL

P.S. Pretty weak Photoshop job on the banners, Dell.

100 Photos for 10 Bucks at Costco. Sweet!

costco photo centre coupon 500x117 100 Photos for 10 Bucks at Costco. Sweet!

Walmart or Superstore’s Photo Centres had some cool deals in the past, now Costco helps you add 100 randomly chosen photos to your photo collection: 20 with the cat, 75 with you and 5 with your significant other for only $10.

Use this Costco Photo Centre coupon CWWSA216 between February 16 and March 1 for 100 beautiful and inexpensive, matte or glossy finish, 4×6 in. photos. Costco Photo Center.

Coupon: $5 Off L’Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara

loreal coupon 500x117 Coupon: $5 Off LOreal Beauty Tubes Mascara

Photoshop works wonders. They say that L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara does the same thing, it can lengthen your lashes up to 80%.
Pretty cool ! Even if it’s not quite like that -  math is not an exact science, percents mean different things to different people – you can get a $5 coupon for L’Oreal Mascara to find out for yourself.
Get it here – enter UHPT in the Limited Offers field (top-right) and you’ll get your $5 coupon by snail mail.

$100 Off KitchenAid 5 Quart Stand Mixer

kitchen aid mixer deal 500x117 $100 Off KitchenAid 5 Quart Stand Mixer

A really good deal valid until February 8: Costco offers a $100 discount for this very popular KitchenAid mixer. Remember: the exact same brand and model can be purchased at Sears for $470 – that’s $170 extra for the priviledge of shopping at Sears.

Attachments included: burnished, ‘PowerKnead’ spiral dough hook, burnished flat beater, professional wire whip. Gadget set included: KitchenAid timer, set of 4 mini prep bowls with covers

$299 KitchenAid Mixer at Costco.

100 Free Air Miles for a Newsletter

Sign up now! Safeway is offering 100 free Air Miles only for signing up to their eMail Direct  exclusive offers by email. Just fill up this form, make sure you have your Air Miles and (optional) Safeway Club Card numbers ready.

Of course you only can sign up only once….

Deals For Starving Artists – MoMA Stuff on Sale

moma deals 500x117 Deals For Starving Artists   MoMA Stuff on Sale

Even if you’re not an hipster admirer of the modern arts, those crazy museum guys have lots of cool stuff in their sale depot. And I’m not talking about the crappy Chinese plastics that pass as art in Canadian museum’s souvenir stores. What’s MoMA? The Museum of Modern Art!

I’m talking sweet artsy deals like $6 Susan Kare mousepads, $7 Mochis or $8 Moleskines. Got an iPod? That’s so last year… get a $15 old fashioned portable radio and you’ll start a new trend. Buy some wooden drafting tools straight from ze Germans and bam! you’re an artist.

And again, for those not paying attention: $8 Moleskine Diaries. Get’em while they last. (But please, don’t buy the scarves)

Original Gifts: The Fisher Space Pen

original gifts 500x117 Original Gifts: The Fisher Space PenPlanning to go to space soon? Can’t leave home without your own Fisher Bullet Space Pen!

  • For only $32 you get a piece of history, the pen that went to the Moon, writes in any position and has a 99 year shelf life. Guaranteed to make any geek happy, available in Canada from eScience. (More about it on Wiki, baby!)
  • The Tivoli Audio Model One looks great! Retro design, furniture grade hand-made wood cabinet, state of the art FM reception. Did I mention it’s a radio? Who cares, it looks great on your desk.  $130 from
  • The icing on the cake: BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch. A really long name for a cool product – a plastic thingy that pierces a perfectly sized round hole in a soda bottle, allowing you to insert a straw straight through the cap! Amazing! Only $21, from EPaulet Shop.

70 Percent, 30 Percent Short of Free

70 percent off 500x117 70 Percent, 30 Percent Short of Free

Seventy percent is my third favourite discount. I’ve just bought some Mantles men’s wear at the Bay for 70% off regular price, you can probably still find some left.

  • 70 percent off most Northern Reflections merchandise – the semi-annual clearance sale takes place on
  • 70 percent off footwear at Softmoc. Everything you need, including sandals just perfect for the summer that’s just around the corner. And of course, ECCO, EMU and Bearpaw, all included in the Annual New Year Clearance Sale. Shop SoftMoc.
  • 70 percent off electronics at The Source. Usually the prices at The Source are pretty high, but who knows, maybe someone can score a good deal. Shop The Source.

Exclusive -lusive -usive: $10 of $50 on American Eagle

ae sale money card 500x117 Exclusive  lusive  usive:  $10 of $50 on American Eagle

Valid only once, first-come first-served: get $10 off your $50 purchase on American Eagle merchandise when using this AE Money Card code:

1001 6042 8869 9866 7472

Use it on, of Post sumthin in the comment section if you use it.
Happy New Year!

Pirate Skulls and Bones – MIA UK

shop mia paper planes 500x117 Pirate Skulls and Bones   MIA UK

Everyone knows how to find Walmart Canada online. Same with all the major stores in Canada, and if not, the other websites will rank before me in the Google search results. But, now is the time, I’ve got my secret weapons ready to fire and I’m starting a new Stores sections on this blog, featuring mostly indie, underground or exceptionally cool mainstream stores.

First in the series, M.I.A’s own Webstore, strait from the UK. Tees start at $40, but they feature some trance inducing graphics never before seen on a t-shirt since Grateful Dead. Shop MIAuk.

30% Off All Merchandise at Esprit Stores

esprit sale 500x117 30% Off All Merchandise at Esprit Stores

Find your nearest Esprit Store, print this coupon and keep your wallet up to 30% heavier.

Esprit Canada is having a “private sale” with 30% off all merchandise in store, from December 12th to December 14th. And the fine print sez that this offer CAN be combined with other offers and promotions.

Lego: Half Price with Free Shipping at ToysRUS

lego sale1 500x117 Lego: Half Price with Free Shipping at ToysRUS

Get one for you and one for your kid. Get another one as a gift, and later on decide to keep it for yourself. Great Lego deals at ToysRUs – Quad Bikes for $8.99, Bionicles for $7.17, and so on, for about another 150 Lego products. 50% off Lego at ToysRUS, plus free shipping for orders over $49.

Uh, uh, the motorized Walking AT-AT rules!

Stop! Nike Time: 30% Off Plus Free Shipping

nike sale Stop! Nike Time: 30% Off Plus Free Shipping

Now it’s the time to look like a gangster: dress up in Nike gear from head to toe, go to work, weddings and Christmas parties wearing only Nike. The deal is almost as good as it gets at 30% off your order $130 or more, including markdowns and clearance, plus free shipping. The magic words? NIKEHOLIDAY at checkout for the 30% discount, and GIVENIKE for the free shipping. At

P.S. How do you recognize the groom at a (insert European country here) wedding? Look for the guy with the newest training wear.

A New Sale Every Day. At the Bay. (Quik Deals)

the bay christmas sale A New Sale Every Day. At the Bay. (Quik Deals)

  • The Bay is having a new sale every day from December 3rd to 18th. Today is the 8th already, and you may still grab some Alexander Julian dress shirts for $9.99. Keep checking every day, deals are in-store only.
  • Banana Republic Sale: 40% off all regular priced items. In store.
  • North Face. Their best deal yet :) After many emails with no real deals, they decided to publish a free shipping coupon. Here it is: 122008 - it gives you free shipping on orders $200 or more – buy 2/3 of a North Face jacket and get free shipping. Shop The North Face.
  • Robeez (baby shoes) is shipping tiny packages for free until December 9, if you use this free shipping promo code: Robeez8. Shop

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